Balmoral Bakery: Timeless Classic

As a child, I lived at my grandma’s with my family in the Sunset Way area. One of the things I enjoyed back then was visiting Balmoral Bakery. The aroma of fresh bakes could often be smelled from a few shops away. My excitement would climax when I reached the shop with its striking brown-bricked facade – I couldn’t be happier, looking at the beautifully made cakes in the glass cabinets.

Balmoral Bakery

Of all the items available at the bakery, my favourite was the unpretentious samosa. It looked mediocre, but I was addicted to this simple pastry made up of curry-flavoured mashed potatoes and chicken wrapped in a crispy skin.


Some things never change

I haven’t had a chance to eat their samosas after my family shifted to our own house in Jurong. Until recently, a dinner appointment with hubby’s family in the vicinity brought me back to Balmoral Bakery once more. I was excited about sharing my childhood’s samosa with hubby, yet I wondered whether it tasted as good as before. Eager to relive my childhood memories, I went ahead and bought a few. One bite of the crunchy warm samosa confirmed that my worry was unfounded. Hubby agreed that the samosa was indeed delicious.

We also bought a black forest cake from Balmoral to celebrate father-in-law’s birthday. The chocolate sponge was moist and the taste of the chocolate was done just right. It wasn’t overbearing but sufficient enough to leave a lingering taste of cocoa on your palate. Balmoral used their own homemade preserved cherries which were not overly sweet like those used in most bakeries.

Black forest cake

To this day, Balmoral Bakery still sells many classic items such as the cream horns, custard puffs and chicken pies (done the old school way with peas and carrots in a buttery puff pastry). A friendly reminder if you are getting the samosas. Eat them on the spot as the skin becomes chewy when they turned cold.

Cake Box

Getting there

Address: 105 Clementi Street 12 (Sunset Way) #01-06 Singapore 120105

Access: Bus 52/154/184 from Clementi MRT Station and alight at Block 109. Walk 2 minutes. 

Website: Balmoral Bakery Official Homepage