Don.档: Another New Beginning

Jalan Besar seems to be a hotspot for new eateries and cafes in recent years. We were lucky in that we moved to the area just when the cafe scene was starting, with Chye Seng Huat Hardware leading the charge; hence we bore witness to the changing landscape here as well as nearby Rangoon Road.

Don.档 in Fusion Food Dynasty

Fusion Food Dynasty at 30 Foch Road used to be a sleepy kopitiam around the time of Lavender Food Square. This changed drastically the past year, with the kopitiam hosting the trio of Royal J, Hong Kong 88 Roast Meat and the Western Co. up till a couple of months ago. No doubt all 3 drew their share of patrons to this kopitiam and gave it much life. The latter 2 have moved out though (Hong Kong 88 to the new kopitiam opposite the road and the Western Co. to their own premise at nearby Tyrwhitt Road). Now, Fusion Food Dynasty is again host to a newjoiner in the scene, Don.档.

Don.档 stall at 30 Foch Road

Don.档 specialises in selling donburi fused with modern/western food. While I’m usually a sucker for more traditional donburi, I wanted to try this place the moment I heard about it. I think it pushed the right buttons for me, throwing out phrases like sou vide, sio bak, mentaiko, etc; With that much in the mix, I really wondered if it was going to be fusion food or confusion food.

Wifey and I tried out the food at Don.档 last Saturday, after a morning spent on answering the all-important “what shall we eat for lunch?” question. 😛

What we had

Wifey had the Salted Egg Tempura Don. This was their take on the tendon, the twist here being the sprinkling of salted egg mix on the tempura. On first look, the portion is a lot more manageable than the tendons from Tendon Ginza Itsuki or Tensho. The tempura here passed with flying colours, with the batter light, fluffy and crispy. Importantly, there was no complain of jerlat from the wifey during and after the meal. The sous vide egg was done perfectly and provided a moist counterpoint to the drier tempura. This is definitely one donburi to return for.

Salted Egg Tempura Don at Don.档

I had the Wagyu Beef Don, which I mistook initially for gyudon when I was placing our orders. I’m a big fan of gyudon, but this is quite good as well. The beef was still tender and juicy when I ate it; I had an ‘aha’ moment when I later found out that it was sou vide beef. I will probably eat this again after I try out the other donburi on the menu. (checked 2 off… top of the list for me now is the Sio Bak Don…)

Wagyu Beef Don at Don.档

Special mention

  • The rice used at Don.档 is definitely Japonica rice (which was a great relief for me as most foodcourt Japanese stalls are too cheapskate to use this). It is not koshihikari, but I’m not complaining. The rice is topped with both donburi sauce and furikake, which scores extra points IMHO. If I had to nitpick a little, I will say that more sauce could have been added.
  • We needed to pay a dollar to top up for the miso soup, but it was a dollar willingly spent. Again, I was glad that the miso soup was not watered down like what you get in the foodcourt. The miso soup comes with wakame and tofu, and was quite decent for the price.

Overall, the donburi here is good and will not burn a hole in your pocket. Definitely a place to satisfy my frequent donburi fix.

Getting there

Address: 30 Foch Road #01-02 Singapore 209276

Access: 10-minute walk from Lavender Station on the East-West Line or Farrer Park on the North-East Line

Website: Don.档 facebook page