Immersing in Vintage: Brunches Cafe Part 1

We chanced upon Brunches Cafe en route to the MRT station one day.

What’s special about this cafe is the Mini Cooper parked inside. Refurbished with sofa seats and a table, the vintage car is a popular seating option among the customers. Besides the Cooper, there are countless other vintage items in the cafe. Those which are labelled with a price tag are available for purchase.


The waitresses here are attentive and quick to take your orders. Should you have nothing in mind on what to order, they are able to provide you with some good recommendations too.

Personally, I like the cosy ambience here. The vintage furnishings together with the warm orange lights make it an ideal place for chillax. These aside, the menu here is pretty delectable for a cafe.

Here are some of the drinks we have tried on our numerous visits to the Brunches Cafe:


Mango Smoothie with Fresh Fruits. Although the presentation would set you smiling, the drink itself is too watery to be called a smoothie. In fact, I suspect there isn’t any milk/ yogurt/ ice cream inside.


Brunches Special: Coffee on the Rock (Original Flavour). I like how the drink is served in the vintage ware. The way to drink this is to pour the milk over the frozen coffee rock. Special indeed! You may wish to try the other flavours which include chocolate and Bailey’s.


Special item for the day: Rose Latte. Rose infused coffee with a pretty coffee art and sprinkles of rose petals. Perfect for a taitai afternoon with girlfriends, hehe.


Another special item for the day: Root Beer Float with Vanilla Ice Cream. Sometimes he just likes his drinks the old fashioned way. (Actually the drink suits us just right. He takes the gassy part while I enjoy the ice cream, yay.) 

Be sure to check out Immersing in Vintage: Brunches Cafe Part 2 for the food!

Getting there

Address: 96 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218381

Access: 3-minute walk from Farrer Park Station on the North-East Line