Johan Paris: A Taste of Christmas

Johan Paris Shop Front

The Ginza chocolate bread and signature yuzu bread from Johan Paris (ジョアン) have always been our favourites. In particular, the chocolate bread is best eaten fresh from the oven, with the unexpectedly thick chocolate aroma filling your nose with each bite of the warm bread.

With Christmas around the corner,  Johan Paris has rolled out a Marché de Noël series to celebrate the festive season. All the more reason for us to frequent the Japanese-French Bakery, isn’t it?

We tried out four breads in the Marché de Noël series and boy, were they good!

Here’s what we tried

Flammekueche, an Alsatian bread made with fromage blanc (French white cheese) and topped with bacon and onion. This is a famous specialty of the Alsace region in France. It was originally a homemade dish made to test the heat of the wood-fired ovens before baking the actual bread. The flammekueche  resembles a pizza so you might dismiss it as nothing special at first glance. However, once you tasted the chewy bread, the fragrance of the cheese coupled with the toppings would make you devour the bread before you even realise it.


If you have a soft spot for pretty things like me, you wouldn’t be able to resist the Chocolate Wreath and the Chocolate Cream Pan.

The Chocolate Wreath is very christmas-y! Sprinkles of icing sugar, red raisins, and a small decoration complete the Christmas look. We wanted to buy the half portion initially as we thought the full wreath would be too much for the two of us. We’re glad we stuck to our gluttony and bought it whole instead. The walnuts and hazelnuts fill the interior of the chocolate ring, providing a flavourful crunch in every bite.


The Chocolate Cream Pan is perfect for someone who loves chocolates like the hubby does. The bun consists of chocolate custard folded inside a dough mixed with chocolate chips. As if this isn’t chocolatey enough, the top of the bun is made of a crunchy chocolate streusel (nobody would ever complain of chocolate overdose, I guess). Although there isn’t any mention of alcohol in its description, we tasted a tinge of it somewhere in the chocolate custard. The overall taste reminded us very much of a Christmas fruit cake.


The juicy butter bun with raisin is quite an interesting item. The queer-looking bun appeared to be upside down because the top is flat while the bottom is uneven and ‘rocky’. From the description, the bread is made from dough with raisins mixed in while the glazed top comes from a blend of butter and condensed milk. This is a great treat for those with a sweet tooth or two. Personally, I suggest pairing it with a cup of hot tea for a more balanced taste.


Do check out Johan Paris even if you aren’t that much into bread. The items are handmade daily by Japanese bakers using fresh ingredients from Japan. Given the different varieties of items available, we are sure you will find something you like.


The Ginza chocolate bread is only available in limited quantities at 1 pm and 4 pm daily, and you get to try some fresh from the oven if you get there in time. In japan, this bread is so popular that you have to score queue tickets issued 45 minutes before the bread is available in order to chope one for yourself. I think we have a good deal in Singapore for now.

Getting there

Address: Isetan Scotts Supermarket B1, 350 Orchard Road Singapore 238868

Access: Orchard Station on the North-South Line

Website: Johan Paris Official Page (In Japanese)