Lim’s Fried Oyster: Finally tried it

Orh luak (or orh jian if you prefer) featured prominently in my teenage diet. This was mainly due to the convenience of living near Boon Lay Market. The orh luak at the stall that my family frequented was not spectacular, but it was good enough for us.

When wifey and I first moved into our own place, one of the things I lamented was the lack of good orh luak in the area. There was none in Bendemeer Market, nothing in the nearby kopitiams, and the one option at the former Lavender Food Square was always too salty.

A Long Wait

It was only recently in mid-2016 that wifey read about Lim’s Fried Oyster and told me about it. We tried to visit the stall over the next couple of months, but the attempts mostly ended in failure (and in us eating over at Swee Choon across the road). At first, we could not find the stall physically. When we did, it was often closed because we went at a wrong time or on a wrong day. It was almost half a year later that the stars finally aligned and we found the store open when we dropped by.

Lim's Fried Oyster at Berseh Food Centre

At Lim’s Fried Oyster

Orh luak (Fried Oyster) or orh neng (Oyster Omelette) were the 2 choices here. In a different place, I would have preferred to order the orh neng. This is because most orh luak these days are badly executed – the batter is not properly spread out during the cooking, resulting in pieces of starch that are big, limpy and tasteless. The orh neng skips this pitfall because it does not have any starch in it.

As the uncle at the wok looked quite solid, we went out on a limb and ordered the orh luak. In short, the orh luak was PERFECT! Each bite was a perfect mix of texture and taste; some of the egg was charred and crispy while the rest (egg and starch) was moist and chewy. The starch itself was not overbearing and complemented the egg very well. I definitely had no complaints in this area. The oysters were not overcooked and you could still taste the freshness in them.

Orh Luak aka Oyster Omelette

Lastly, don’t ignore the chilli here as it is the ideal sidekick. The spiciness and tanginess add a level of shiokness to the orh luak.

Getting there

Address: 166 Jalan Besar, Berseh Food Centre Stall 32, Singapore 208877

Access: 10-minute walk from Farrer Park station on the North-East Line

Website: Lim’s Fried Oyster facebook page