The Western Co.: They’re back

The Western Co. probably broke some hearts when they closed back in September. In a short stint of 3 months, they won over many fans with their winning combination of raclette cheese and cheap prices. Now, these fans will be delighted to know that The Western Co. is back in business just a couple of blocks away from the Foch Road kopitiam they were in.

I dropped by the new place 2 evenings ago after convincing the wifey that I had a massive meat craving (try having salad and breakfast cereals for 2 consecutive days… you’ll feel it too).

The Western Co new location

I was really glad that they allowed the wifey to pre-order over the phone, so I could pick up the food on the way home.

What we had:

The iconic Chaota Fish and Chips returns to the menu. It looks… chaota, but that is just the charcoal batter; underneath the black crispy crust is a dory fillet that is still moist and smooth. This is paired with an awesome salted yolk sauce (need I say more). We think this is a must-try if it is your first time visiting.

Chaota Fish and Chips

The Chicken Schnitzel with Grilled Raclette Cheese is a new item on the menu. While the name suggests an ang moh style chicken cutlet, the panko crumb used is Japanese-styled. The result is midway between a schnitzel and a tori katsu, which is quite refreshing. The raclette cheese rounds off the overall taste very well. With the Hawaiian Raclette Chicken no longer on the menu (we only knew when wifey tried to order), this is a good choice when you just want to have chicken with cheese.

Chicken Schnitzel with Grilled Raclette Cheese

We also tried the new Honey Paprika Wings. It was sooooo good, we did not even take a picture of the wings before we finished it. Do give it a go if you are in the mood for some snacks.

I had The Western Co. for dinner again last evening because I wanted to try out more of the new menu. (Truth is, the wifey was meeting her bff for dinner and I had no idea what to eat)

The Western Co interior

The menu is definitely bigger than the old one.

The Western Co new menu

What I had:

The So Shiok burger. It really lives up to the name. There is a big dollop of cheese hiding a thick patty that is very well cooked (by that, I mean not overcooked. i.e. not tough and still juicy!). And the bacon bits add crisp and flavour to each bite (did I mention I love bacon). I must say that this is a very well-executed burger. The fries are good too. I have no idea how they remain crispy all the way to the end of the meal.

So Shiok burger

Overall, a good place to have western food without blowing holes in your wallet.

Some notes to end this post:

  1. They only accept cash. Maybe that’s why they kept prices low.. otherwise we have to pay by credit card right?

  2. Their alcohol licence is not ready yet. Meaning no beer with burgers for now. Bummer.

  3. They accept reservations now.

  4. They do phone pre-orders as well. The wifey made the order through SMS and they were nice, patient and helpful throughout.

  5. I’m lactose-intolerant, yet I risk life and limb to eat the raclette cheese here. It is that good 🙂

Getting there

Address: 35 Tyrwhitt Road

Access: 10-minute walk from Lavender MRT station

Website: The Western Co. facebook page