Art is Not for Me

Back in my schooling days, Art & Craft lessons had always been a dread for me. More than half the time, the focus was on “art” where the teacher asked students to draw your dream house/ future career/ favourite cartoon character and the like. I can’t really draw from imagination. (Ahem, not that I don’t have any imagination but I’m better at expressing it in words than pictures.)

Hand me a picture though and I would be able to redraw it for you.


Only on the rare occasions when the focus shifted to “craft” that I would look forward to the Art & Craft lessons with anticipation, attend the lessons wholeheartedly and put my heart and soul into the homework thereafter. Such is my love for “hands-on”!

Once I began working, however, the humdrum of everyday life prevented me from pursuing the “hands-on” pleasure. It was until 2013 that I decided to do something about my work-life (im)balance.

At that time, “painting by numbers” was in vogue. Numbers corresponding to different shades of acrylic paints were pre-printed on a canvas so all it required was patience and time on the painter’s part. An easy feat, I thought so I happily challenged myself to paint a 19.5 x 15.5 inches picture.

Phase 1. Made use of the lull period prior to examinations and began my painting enthusiastically.


Phase 2. After almost three weeks since Phase 1. Chilling still as the examination scripts for my subject were not yet in. A pleasure to paint and listen to my favourite singer crooning away though holding the canvas for hours induced aching in the arms.


Phase 3. After two months. Kept busy with the marking of seemingly endless examination scripts. What of work-life balance when the school term was coming to an end soon? Everything was a mad rush… A pressure to paint now as the unfinished picture stared at me daily from its lonely spot by the bay window.


Phase 4. One week after. Was I glad I did it! Finished up the painting during the first week of school holidays. Here’s my masterpiece, Stroll in the Sunset!


I might not have drawn the picture but the painting process was therapeutic indeed (if you have time to spare, hehe).

The painting now serves as a reminder that busy as life may be, we ought to fork out time to pursue our passion or simply, if we only have a little time to spare, take a stroll with your dear ones then. I am sure they will feel loved. Don’t you agree?