Mom, the Great Homemaker

In the past, I couldn’t comprehend why Mom declined to go out when the weather was fair. Or why she tended to overestimate time, like when it was only four in the afternoon but she would exclaim she needed to prepare for dinner. Now that I had a taste of being a full time homemaker myself in the past eleven months, I could better understand and appreciate her.

The Easily Satisfied Homemaker

A homemaker faces endless house chores every single day. There is a different time of the day suitable for doing different tasks. For instance, mornings would be best to do the laundry in order to maximise the airing time. After which, it would be time to prepare lunch or dinner so that the marinate had ample time to seep into the meat.

Many thoughts ran through the homemaker’s mind while the rest of the family enjoyed their breakfast. Questions such as when to switch on the rice cooker, when to soak/cut the vegetables, when to start cooking might seem trivial but if not well thought out, lunch would not be ready on time. No big deal? Imagine if you had to go to school/work on an empty stomach as a result.

pumpkin rice

Deceptively simple pumpkin rice. I spent hours preparing the chicken cubes, dicing the pumpkin and cutting the vegetables. Additionally, stir frying everything on the stove before simmering them in D.I.Y. chicken and dashi stock.

Given the time required to set a meal on the table, I felt satisfied when the hubby complimented me for my cooking. Although the meal might be over in much less than the time taken to prepare it, I believe it was this same sense of  satisfaction which motivated Mom in her countless years as a homemaker. The family members’ affirmation made all the sweat and hours spent in the hot kitchen worthwhile.

side dish

Two of the side dishes that I prepared beforehand. Simmered kabocha (top) and seasoned wakame (right). All because the hubby loves Japanese fare.

Cherish Your Homemaker

Embarrassed to say, an ignorant me in my younger years had put her down occasionally. Sometimes I criticised her (what I thought were) below expectations cooking, other times I chose to skip meals altogether. I had no appreciation for her efforts which I dismissed casually. What was on my mind was only my tiring day at school. That was me being insensitive and self-centered. Yet Mom didn’t show her hurt feelings at all and had even asked what I would like to eat actually. She was forgiving and accommodating. It was then I felt pangs of guilt. She might be at home all day but her day would not be any less draining than mine.

With my own home now, I slowly began to treasure Mom for what she did. For one, I could comprehend why she had often refused going out: do the laundry while the sun is out. The weather would not be fair every day so it was only right to seize the day. Play can wait.

Right, seize the day. Tell your wonderful homemaker, be it your mom or your wifey, how much you appreciate her. Without their meticulousness, you wouldn’t have a warm place to call home.

Soy Bean Meal

An appreciative hubby gladly finished up this whole table of soy: fried bean curd, stir fry bean sprouts, tofu miso, seasoned bean sprouts and tofu salad.