All Things Elephant: In the Living Room

It is no secret that I love elephants. As to the reason for adoring them, I guess it is explainable just like why people love teddy bears, Hello Kitty etc. It is probably akin to some kind of spiritual sustenance where you simply feel happy looking at them.

This elephant collecting hobby started when I was in secondary school. Over the years up till now, I have collected many elephant related stuff, some of which you wouldn’t believe there exist an “elephant form” if you haven’t seen it for yourself. Like an elephant floor mat.

To be frank, I haven’t the faintest idea how many elephant stuff I own now. The last I counted a few years back, all things elephant be it big or small, I have about 200! Some of these are placed around the home while the majority are tucked away in the storeroom for fear of collecting dust, especially the stuffed ones.

What I’m glad is, the hubby doesn’t mind having them around our home, in the living room, at the study, in the kitchen and so forth. They are just all over the place, hehe.

Let’s take a peek at our living room.

Meet Ballerina the letter holder. On days when it is pretty windy, it will start spinning on the hook, looking somewhat like a dancing ele. That’s why I named it “Ballerina”. Its big tummy can hold many letters but not heavy ones like an Ikea catalogue, otherwise the tummy will sag and no more dancing!


Up on the ottoman, we have Maomao (毛毛) and his friend who came all the way from the Land of Smiles. Maomao used to be my loyal companion at the workplace. His presence is especially comforting during the stay over for school camps.


By the TV console, of notable mention are two gifts from Papa when we moved in to our new home. Although they aren’t the type I would buy for collection (too serious-looking), gazing at them reminds me of his fatherly love and *ahem* his obvious intention for gifting them.



The next two sets of elephants hail from overseas. A lovely younger sis brought home a pair of ele trinkets box from Germany during her first Europe trip. How heart-warming it is to be in someone’s thoughts even when she is on holiday!


And while she is studying in Brisbane, she spiced up my birthday with a special delivery of salt & pepper shakers ele.


Overlooking the living room is Zuny (this is the product’s brand name actually). Besides being the heaviest in my collection at 1 kg, he is also the priciest. I was undecided over buying it when I saw it in the Wallet Shop as it cost nearly a hundred(!!) but my ex-boyfriend a.k.a. present hubby suggested getting it for me. Even then, I felt the elephant bookend was too heavy for his wallet to bear. Alas, he acted on his own accord and brought it home for me! Yay!

Rather than fulfilling his destiny as a bookend though, Zuny is more like a pet which I enjoy petting and carrying in my arms occasionally.


This is about all the ele in our living room.

To end off, here’s a picture of our dining table ~They are just all over the place!