Anime Festival Asia SG 2016 Day 3 Cosplay

AFASG2016 Cosplay

These are some of the cosplay from day 3 of the AFA. Personally, while I don’t really follow the scene, I can see that the standard of cosplay locally is improving year-by-year (comparing this year to, say, 2009). The event grew a lot too; there were cosplayers from other countries such as Philippines, Indonesia and China.

On site, I was quite happy to see some cosplay from Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- (Re:ゼロ -から始める異世界生活-), which I consider to be one of the best animes from 2016.

AFA SG 2016 Rem (Re:Zero) Cosplay

Also managed to spot a Kancolle x Lawson cosplayer, which was unexpected but totally made my day.

AFA SG 2016 Kashima (Kancolle x Lawson) Cosplay

All pictures were taken with the trusty OMD E-M5 X Oly 45mm F1.8.

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