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Chicken Cutlet Noodles

红环宝食 RedRing Treasures: Singapore Style Cutlet Noodles

When I first heard of RedRing Treasures, I was reminded of those classy Chinese restaurants, like Imperial Treasure. The lavish name left a strong impression on me and I proceeded to google it out of curiosity. RedRing Treasures (RT) has only two outlets in food courts, so it is easy to go...

Orh Luak aka Oyster Omelette

Lim’s Fried Oyster: Finally tried it

Orh luak (or orh jian if you prefer) featured prominently in my teenage diet. This was mainly due to the convenience of living near Boon Lay Market. The orh luak at the stall that my family frequented was not spectacular, but it was good enough for us. When wifey and I first moved into our own...